Covid-19 Policy + Regular Policy

Please read this Policy carefully. If you have any questions, reach out to us.

To our entire community:

It is safe to say this is a new situation for all of us and we are going to do everything we can to be flexible and accommodating during these different times. We can't imagine the stress you may be feeling at this time and our hearts go out to you all!

As time goes on, cases may spike at different times in our general area or area's around us. We would like to reach out and address some of our challenges and expectations we are facing with the rescheduling of certain type of sessions. 

We would like to be as accommodating as possible. We hope that we can alleviate your concerns with rescheduling issues, as well as outlining the steps that we are taking to ensure the safety of all of our clients. 

General Sessions Policy; Cancelation

Session No Shows: No shows for sessions will be charged double session fee. Invoice will be sent out and paid within 10 days of date posted. 

Additional Fees: Any additional fees or permits to use any property or venue is the responsibility of client. These fee's are not deducted from the session price.

Artistic Discretion: Every effort will be made to take pictures you love or request, but no specific pose or photograph can be guaranteed. 

Image Selection + Editing: We have sole artistic discretion concerning image selection and processing. Under no circumstances shall Raw files be provided to client. Clients may request further changes at an additional charge to be determined at the time of request.

Copyright: Clients will have the Right to Print. Do not crop, edit, alter or watermark your images in any way. 

Delivery + Storage: Our regular sessions will be available for download for up to 1 week after your session. Weddings will stay posted for 6 months. If you fail to download your images, misplace them, Photographer is not responsible for reposting the images or providing them in another form and there may be a charge of $75 to reactivate the gallery.

Moving Ahead with Weddings

We are hoping that we do not come to the conclusion where we will need a local quarantine. However, as long as we do not have one or venues are not cancelling, we are committed to moving forward with all sessions, weddings and events as planned. We also will be complying with all the health and safety guidelines. 

Postponing Dates

If the state puts a ban on large gatherings and Weddings are a no-go, we are committed to working with our couples for a mutually agreed date. We are asking that our clients keep us up to date with any venue changes or guideline changes that may occur. 

In the event that a new date is confirmed, we will send you a brand new contract for that date to officially secure it. It is extremely important our clients stay upfront with communication during any changes. No Wedding date changes are official until a new signed contract is delivered. New dates are not guaranteed. They are a first come, first serve basis. So we ask that you quickly sign the new agreements as quickly as possible. 

Policies for rescheduling 

Fees: There is no rescheduling fee due to Covid. Your retainer will be applied to your new Wedding date. 

Assistant Photographer: If you need to postpone the Wedding because of Covid to a date that I am not available for, we will talk about the option of having my amazing associates cover your Wedding in my place. I would still continue to help manage you pre and post Wedding questions, and I will also handle the editing and delivery to match my style. 

Refunds: If neither myself or my associates is available for your new date, you may receive a refund of any monies paid; minus the cost of any services already rendered (ie. engagement session, time spent on email/message correspondence and planning) if we re-book your scheduled date. Your retainer is non-refundable but may be used toward other photography services within the next year. 

Legality: I can not legally photograph a Wedding that does not comply with the governmental guidelines at the time of the event. If you choose to carry on with a non-compliant event, your payments will not be refunded due to voluntary cancelation of services. 

Cancelations: If you choose to cancel your Wedding instead of rescheduling, your non-refundable retainer may be used toward other photographer services within the next year. We are not offering refunds in the event of cancelation due to Covid or rescheduling to a date that we are not available for. We do this to protect ourselves since we often turn down other opportunities and have already made investments such as meetings, emails, timelines, preparations for staff and other administrative tasks. In these trying times, a small business is pushed to its limit emotionally and financially and we are trying to navigate these moments with as much grace as possible. We highly encourage our couples to postpone rather than cancel. 

Staffing and Safety Precautions

Any associate that shows any signs of sickness will not attend your Wedding. We will make every effort to fulfill our contracted services and prepare to have additional Photographers on standby just incase. The safety of our team and our clients are number one! We will be cleaning our equipment that we may be bringing onsite, washing our hands and avoiding excessive contact.