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Being a photographer is so much fun + incredibly rewarding. I've been a full time Photographer since 2012. I have shot hundreds of sessions. In that time I've learned so much, changed my work ethic + editing aesthetics numerous times, been mentored, attended photography workshops where I've gained insight, tips + tricks that I'm excited to share! Whether you're just starting out and want to learn how to make this into a business or if you're just in a funk and need some encouragement + excitement to get back on track, these mentor programs are perfect for you!

Phone Session, Facetime or Coffee date

This is a Phone call, Facetime, or Coffee Date Session. We will spend 1 hour together discussing everything and anything you would want to know about Photography.  I'm an open book and am happy to answer any questions. This is a time for you to set aside to invest in your knowledge, your business, and learn tips + tricks from me.  

Typical sessions may cover the following: 
+ finding your niche & style
+ attracting your dream client
+ emails & client interaction
+ shooting style & how to play with the light
+ workflow
+ pricing & contracts  


1 on 1 Session

 This session is more in-depth. This will also include an actual Photo Session so you can follow along with what I do as far as posing, interacting with the clients and so much more!!! I'll also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have + give feedback. This is a great time to learn your camera as well!
Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything + everything!
These sessions range from 2-4 hours, includes lots of conversations, tons of feedback and most importantly, a new friendship.

Sessions include (but are not limited to):
+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic
+ how to attract & book your ideal client
+ shooting & posing (or called UNposed)
+ live shoot with models or couple
+ finding good light, anywhere
+ workflow - from start to finish
+ goal setting 
+ pricing


*Bring a buddy for $120*

If you would like to book, please send an email to: Hello@oliverose.info