Welcome to Studio 1312

At Studio 1312, we are offering the following indoor sessions:

Cake Smash 






Themed Mini's

1. Cake Smash and Splash!

We will work together to create a custom cake smash set for your little one's big milestone! Not a fan of cake? We can "SMASH" anything! Donuts, pizza, fruit... anything your baby loves to eat (or you just think would look cute in pictures!)

Cake smash sessions can be photographed weeks before your baby turns one if you’d like images back in time to share on their birthday, on their birthday and even after their birthday!

Following the cake smash, we will move your messy kiddo into a tub of warm water for clean up and more pictures. Once your session is over, take your clean baby home and leave the mess with me! 

*Because of the custom nature of these sessions, we recommend contacting us to book around 8-9 months of age.  If your baby's birthday is just around the corner, and you're just now thinking about a cake smash session, please feel free to contact us, as we may still have availability.

Session fee: $195.00

2. Dancer

Audition, portfolio, and styled / creative photo shoots for the dance artist.

Studio or on-location.



• 2-4 Hour Photo Session in-studio.
• Mix of headshot / portrait and full-body shots.
• Private online gallery for proofing and delivery of high-resolution edited digital images.

• 4 outfits (additional fee for more)

Session fee: $325.00

3. Birthday's

This is the perfect session to capture your sweet kiddo during those "middle years". It seems like we stop taking photos of our little one after their first birthday - probably because they start getting daycare/school photos! We love school photos, but they are pretty much the same tune every time, and don't showcase your child at all.

Birthday sessions are exactly the opposite. You will come into the studio for a session JUST for them. They can bring some of their favorite toys, hobby items or even just a unique outfit - all things that showcase how unique and awesome they are! We will work together to create the perfect set-up for celebrating their special day!


  • In-studio session - 1 Hour Session

  • You can do 1-2 different outfits 

  • Digital images with Private gallery to view and download images

  • This session is for ONE child, and doesn't include family/siblings. 
    *If you'd like to add a sibling, there is a $100 fee.

Session fee: $150.00

4. Themed Mini's

A Themed Session is a shorter version of my regular session. You also receive less images. The themes will be at my discretion. 

These sessions are 15 minutes long and include 12-15 edited images.
They are short and sweet and only give us so many minutes of time to take photos. We are working in a limited time frame.

Sessions will be booked back to back so if you are late, you will only have the remaining time to complete your session which will result in even fewer images. Your session time begins promptly at your scheduled time and will end 15 minutes later.

Because sessions are scheduled back to back, I am not able to extend the length of your session in the event that you are not present or ready at your session start time.

Each Themed mini will be priced accordingly. 

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