Congratulations on your Engagement!

I can't wait to go on this journey with you.


1. The Wedding Experience

The Wedding industry makes it incredibly easy to get caught up in the “how will it look?" mindset. What we’ve discovered over working with couples is that when we approach their wedding day with the question “how does it feel?”, we are able to capture the true essence of who you both are along with the relationships you share with the people you surround yourself with on your wedding day.


2. You deserve to have the best day ever.

We believe you deserve more than just someone who will show up and take photos. Because of that, we’re here to encourage, empower and coach you through the process of creating a wedding day that allows you to feel the emotions you want to feel.

From the moment we meet, our biggest intention is simply within creating a relationship with you both. That involves diving into your story and what makes you both unique. It's having a group text message where you can ask for help at any time or hop into a quick phone call to talk through any obstacles you're both facing. It's within the experience we create together for your engagement session that allows us to dive even deeper into each other's stories and build trust through that process. It's in the meaningful conversations we share about what this season of life that you're transitioning through. This creates the foundation for you both to open up in front of the camera. And beyond that, we believe that in order to support you, it's wildly valuable that we also know you.

3. We're here to help you create an experience.

The truth is, you'll spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer during your wedding day and having someone who understands the type of day you want to experience is so key. Your wedding experience doesn't have to fit into a box and neither do you. Throughout the season of your wedding. we're here to coach and assist you both in intentionally creating a day that allows you both to thrive. This tangibly looks like helping you with your wedding timeline through learning what's valuable to you both and creating a flow of the day that allows you to share in the moments you want experience and create a stress free environment. Through this, you'll have a space where the moments you want naturally play out and we'll be there to capture them for you.

4. On the actual day...

We’re intentionally hands on within the process of working together so that when your day comes around, we can take a more hands off approach. That means we’re able to capture real moments with little intervention and give you and your guests space to simply do their thing! Along with that, when we’ve built a relationship with you both and we can come into your day feeling connected, that enables us to be able to blend in with your guests, capture your day from the inside out and in turn, give you images that show a more intimate and honest perspective of your day.

We're going to help scout locations throughout the wedding day for certain photos. We're here to gather family groupings for photos. We're here to guide you, along with your guests in a subtle and non intrusive way so that we can deliver our best to you. We're here to simply support you both so that you can just have fun and enjoy the experience you've spent months creating.

5. Are you ready to be best friends?

Two hours before you say I do, myself and one of my assistants will be capturing all your special details. All the way from your dress down to any special family heirlooms to sweet love letters. We will photograph your entire wedding, capture those precious family portraits and document the first intimate moments of the new Mr and Mrs. We love a good party?! Like, who doesn't? Every special detail that you have chosen for your decor will be photographed and we will hang out with you and all of your guests through all the major dances and special events.   (Approx. 7 hours of coverage)


Engagement Session: starting at $250 if booked separately